Partners Business Council


About Us?

PBC (Partners Business Council) is a group of consultants specialized in the Food & Beverage business. We are the union of professionals that accumulate on average over 20 years of experience. We have deep knowledge and proven cases of successes in Latin American markets, especially in Brazil.

With a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals, PBC has capacity to attend the more complex client demands. We work in a coordinate way using customized tools according to the specific structure of each business, generating effective responses to the entire organization.

Our GoalHow We WorkWhy Work With PBC?
Our Goal
Working in synergy with our clients to contribute in the development of growth strategies, build capabilities and help them create products and services that add sustainable benefits to their business.
How We Work
We understand that each project is unique. Every new challenge, we develop and implement, in line with our customers, a unique set of solutions, which will attend to their needs.
The PBC works with enthusiasm and planning in the development of each project. From the correct identification of real needs, offers innovative solutions seeking for sustainable results.
Each step of the process is followed by our team of professionals, always acting in an interdisciplinary way and with strong commitment.
We are always alert to any possible conjectural changes that affect the Food & Beverages industry (macroeconomic, microeconomic, market categories, competitions, legislation and regulatory, consumer trends, etc.). We work to transform problems into opportunities, supporting our customers’ demands efficiently and always in the pursuit of their success.
Why Work With PBC?
Regardless of the challenge brought to the PBC, our differential is always go beyond.
We always seek to deliver the best solutions and more adaptable to each company. We guide our customers considering the macro perspectives in order to generate competitive advantages to their business. Our proactive actions aim to add value to the project.