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ATTENTION! Communication is not luxury. It is a question of survival.

ATTENTION! Communication is not luxury. It is a question of survival.

Investing in communication preserves the image of your company. In crisis period any company needs to communicate its positioning for your brand does not to be forgotten.

Not surprising that we are experiencing a strong and probably long economic crisis period in Brazil. To stay alive in the market with the fall in consumption, companies need to cut costs, reduce investments and rethink their strategies.

Traditionally, the marketing and communications department is one of the first to join the list of investments deep cuts, but we must be careful with these decisions. An elaborate corporate communications strategy not only helps to overcome the difficult times as well as preserve the image of the company and strengthen its market position. If the company does not invest in communication, fails to attract consumers to buy their products and services, then your competitors will thank you a lot.

The main role of communication in this scenario is to understand the needs of your audience and position assertively your brand using relevant and positive information.

Communication should be directed to the stakeholders, their consumers and opinion leaders. The communication purpose is to them to see that your business is solid and is prepared to meet their needs and conquer new markets. The information package should be well elaborated, as well as the tools and channels to be used. This must be very well planned to allocate the resources in an intelligent and assertive way.

As mentioned in my other article  “Brand Management in crises periods”, there are several ways to communicate with your audience according to your budget and priority. Since publication of advertisements in traditional media vehicles, to investments in digital media, preparation of content for engagement in social networks, work with press relations, etc. Try to understand where your consumers are and which media they are exposed, to focus your actions and be more effective.

Article author: Rafaela Bedone

Marketing & Communication professional, BA Marketing & Advertising, Specialization in Marketing, MBA Business Management. Associate Consultant of PBC – Food & Beverages Consultants.