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Brazil 2015 – Trends and Opportunities

Brazil 2015 – Trends and Opportunities

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Innovation and Reduction of Losses and of Wastage

Unlike previous years when Brazil had already entered the global food trends circuit, following, understanding and even adopting some of them as a way to identify new ideas and opportunities for launching new products, this year and the next 2 or 3 tend to be different. Because of the economic recession that hits Brazil, innovation should be more intensely planned and take in consideration an special focus on the cost of quality and productivity studies.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that one of the global trends identified by Innova Market Insights to 2014, based on “Innova Database”, was the “Reduction of losses and of wastage”. This innovation concept focus both in product and resources reuse. Talks about the recycling of by-products targeting energy recovery as well as in packaging innovation looking to extend the shelf life of products. Another point raised is to increase the availability of smaller packages (one portion consumption size).

For 2015, Innova announced new trends involving health and nutrition, own brand, texture, protein content, clean label and others. Even the focus now in Brazil should be the improvement of productivity; of course, we cannot stop to explore opportunities to innovate through real and meaningful differentiation of a new product or process, based on these trends. Innovation, as had happened to Quality Assurance years ago, it is also now a strong consumer demand that needs to be answered. Surely, the look into company processes will help us identify those “details” that on the day-by-day bases end up generating waste and may be treated as cost improvement projects. Moreover, if we keep our mind open, some small “details” undoubtedly, may also contribute to the identification of a new product concept.

Finally, it is very important to consider that the established quality of a product in the market must be respected because the consumer has as a reference and he is not pleased when changes are made. This means that simple and continuous cost reduction in formulation can promote the exit of a traditional brand product from market. On the other hand, even an increase of recipe cost may trigger an increase in profitability of a product line through sales increase and the consequent rationalization obtained in industrial processes, distribution, etc.


Article author: Guaracy Pessôa

Industrial Chemistry with specialization in Business Administration, Director of Sol Intal, Innovation and Product Development Consultant, Partner of PBC – Food & Beverages Consultants.