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2016 just arrived. And now, what to do?

2016 just arrived. And now, what to do?

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Working with energy, intelligence and wisdom. Our personal and professional projects need to continue.

Actually, we need to continue our projects of growth with pleasure and joy as individuals, professionals and companies, regardless of the political environment that adversely affected the Brazilian economy. For 2016 it will be very important to any of us to go ahead without carrying the heavy load of 2015. When we look back and forth, in thesis, everything leads us to believe that the rock bottom is still to be reached and that we can miss of the past year. But we must make sure this should not be our feeling or thought

Politically, things will keep moving from side to side as it ever was and, economically, we from the Food, Beverage & Nutrition industries will continue our struggle that comes from many years to make this country grow. And it is proven that we have knowledge, experience and strength to do so. Some of us have the memories to work in the eighties when Brazilian inflation has reached 80% per month. Therefore, major challenges have been overcome in the past and we must trust our talent to once again bounce back. Do not forget that the food industry has always had a significant importance in the Brazilian economy over the years.

The optimization of costs will continue to be important to adapt the company to the current economic scenario of the country. In 2015, we emphasized the need to look inward the company processes to reduce waste in the industrial chain. This remains valid and for those companies that have done this part, the next step should be to search for new opportunities to improve products and processes that enable us to reduce the cost without affecting the quality of products and services to the consumer.

The new scenario is already showing us some changes. The acquisition of small and medium-sized local companies by international groups that are benefiting from the appreciation of strong currencies before the Brazilian Real (BRL). The reduction of professional staff in many food industries is well perceived too. On the other hand, in some sub segments, there are companies that can have sales increase due to the consumer drive to buy lower-priced products. Fortunately, in recent decades, with the significant presence of food technology professionals in these companies, products tend to be much more competitive among them concerning quality aspect. Additionally, there are more new entrepreneurs evaluating business opportunities for launching new product concepts either from their own ideas or by producing locally products successfully launched abroad.

To finalize and stimulate the design of new products, we stress that global food trends are still evolving. To 2016 surely gain importance products based in higher protein content, both focusing on sports nutrition and on the concept of healthiness. The second target agroup involves a large number of consumers in different age groups. Moreover, also related to health issues, a greater number of new products under the concept of “free from…” (sugar, salt, fat, MSG, lactose, gluten, etc.) should continue to rise in the markets.

Article author: Guaracy Pessôa

Industrial chemist with specialization in Business Administration, Director of Sol Intal Innovation & Food Technology, consultant in Innovation and Product Development, member of the PBC – Food & Beverages Consultants