Partners Business Council

Consultants with expertise in Food & Beverage industry

Consultants with expertise in Food & Beverage industry


Partners Business Council is a group of consultants specialized partners in FOOD & amp business; DRINKS. Professionals with deep knowledge, more than 20 years of experience and proven cases of successes in Latin America and Brazil.

We work in coordination with customized according to the structure of each business tools, generating effective responses to the entire organization.
And together with our customers, we developed growth strategies, we build necessary capacities and help create products and long-term service benefits.


Only a group of highly skilled professionals with expertise in different FOODS & BEVERAGES market can offer customers unique solutions to achieve their goals

Advisory and Implementation:
• Business Plan and Marketing
• International Expansion
• Business Unit Structure
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Innovation Management
• Product development
• Support and Regulatory
• Quality Management and Food Security
• Analytical Services – Physical-chemical and microbiological
• Streamlining Operations
• Engineering & Industrial Plants Projects