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Time to roll up your sleeves – Lets do it.

Time to roll up your sleeves – Lets do it.

In the Food industry how to avoid complacency in a crisis period? The company will have to re-evaluate their status and values.

Daily life in the industry leads the operational routine to a complacency that is often mistaken as ideal.

When there is no more the normal flow of sales, i.e. the output channel is in serious problem, the “disaster effect” also reflects in the factory and causes a jam in all the operational chain. There is no more serenity in the operations. The concern of all involved is contagious and due to the disorganization of the work flow increases the bad impact to the company.

Although this is a very difficult moment, it is the right time for changes. These moments are the ideal for re-evaluation of operational standards and definition of new values. The condition is more than adequate because the changes will always have the best justification – overcome the crisis.

It’s time to promote the long awaited reform of old and accommodated parameterized operating conditions.

In the Food & Beverages industry the main points to consider in the manufacturing / operations:

1.Operations yield

• Products’ formulas reevaluation;
• Rigorous analysis of the operational process;
• Equipment maintenance, predictive and preventive plans, under strict cost/benefit analysis;
• Teams training and awareness.

2.Production and operational capacities.

• Consider and implement the gradual and continuous increase in production output capacity always evaluating the performance of the line; and rework generated, losses, overweight, etc

3.Operations and Production Teams

• Promote meetings to discuss operational issues looking for suggestions and new ideas. Reward the ideas implemented and communicate through all organization the results. This will keep the staff focused and certainly much more participative.

4.New and ongoing projects

• Prioritize among all those who seek to reduce costs;
• Postponing the projects that rely or depend on amounts transferred from other operations. This would entail a political and financial interpretation inside the organization not adequate to the difficult moment.

Crisis period are synonymous of opportunities. For the Brazilian food industry this is an excellent time to generate solutions and productivity jumps. The productivity increase truly creates sustainable businesses and economic development for the country.

Article author: Henrique Ansaldi

Industrial Chemist with specialization in Processes Management and Food Technology, with extensive experience in the supply chain, technology, product development, manufacturing operations, distribution and logistics. Director of the Direção Technical Consultancy and partner of PBC-Food & Beverages Consultants.