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AMG Foods, a consulting company, launches a guide to labeling food-packaged products in e-book format.

(Published at Doce Revista – August 2015)

Labels of food products are very important for consumers, which are increasingly demanding and concerned in purchasing products that contribute to a healthy diet. “The increasing variety of processed food products offered nowadays increases the interest of consumers in learning more about what they buy and eat”, underlines the food engineer Ana Maria Giandon, director of AMG Foods and author of the Guide to Labelling of Food-Packaged Products under Anvisa regulation (Brazilian Food Regulatory Agency). Unprecedented in the genre, the work interprets the laws for the preparation of labels of food-packaged products under Anvisa regulation, with guidance on how to apply them in practice. “It is not a reproduction of the legal texts, but the result of our experience on this subject in a clear, objective and didactic way,” says Ana Maria.

In e-book format, the guide can be used on a variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Android or OS, in tablets or mobile phones). According to the expert, the search engine is simple and allows the user to quickly find what they are looking for. It also has the advantage of being interactive and can be customized according to the needs of each company. It is suitable to each company profile via annotations and comments pertaining to each product because it allows inserting bookmarks or notes. “It’s totally different from a conventional book or any other type of consolidated data base, which does not allow any type of interaction”, says the executive.

As companies and the professionals who work in the regulatory area need to be always updated with the labeling rules and their proper application, adds Ana Maria, the guide helps with solution of doubts and with the proper implementation of the regulations relating to product labels. The AMG Foods ensures constant updates in content at any changes or publication of new rules.

The labels of packaged-food should present the information under three different State supervision and regulation: Anvisa (technical specifications), Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (weights and measures) and Ministry of Justice (consumer protection). “We explain step by step the proper disposition of these items, detailing and interpreting according to specific legislation or regulatory act. We also provide all references, which can be accessed immediately, in the preparation of labels, “says the consultant. Furthermore, it is also an interesting tool for chambers of commerce, consulates, law firms, trade associations, universities, food additives and packaging industries and even advertising agencies.

 Article author: Ana Maria Giandon

Food engineer specialized in Food Legislation with over 25 years of experience in the regulatory area in the Food and Beverage industry, Director of AMG Foods Regulatory Affairs and partner of PBC – Food & Beverages Consultants.